Our founder

Inaugural Meeting: 22 September 2008
From our Founder, Heidi Russell, NYC August 2008
…an Idea, a Vision, an Invitation…

“When I moved to New York City in 2005, one of my dreams and goals was to form a women’s artist salon, bringing together women artists of all disciplines to share and learn and celebrate in creative spirit. I believe in the power we each have to not only help ourselves in reaching our goals but also in the power of our combined synergies to help each other think big, reach high, and realize more than we could ever imagine, both as individual artists and collectively as women artists contributing to the betterment of the world in which we live and create.

Some of you are new acquaintances and some of you are friends from as far back as my first arrival to NYC in spring of 2005. Each of you has touched my life on my journey…I thank you for your discourse, encouragement, assistance, support, and friendship!!!!

I am thrilled to take the next step to start up this women’s artist salon!!!! To start out, we would meet once a month to share our work and ideas, have informal discourse on full range of art world topics, share advice and connections and resources, and plain just have fun being women artists and reveling in our powerful energy!!!

As I mentioned above, I envision the group to be diverse in discipline (the visual arts, installation and performance art, public art, writing, music, theater, film and video, teaching, critical writing, curatorial, etc.), in style and medium, as well as in backgrounds and stage of artist life-cycle…with the mission to support women’s artistry, build individual artistic empowerment and collective community, and to encourage ‘out of the box’ thinking, collaboration, and support of one another’s projects and goals and journeys.

The structure would be informal, letting the energy of our salon take its natural course and morph as it develops, with ebbs and flows unrestricted. I encourage you to invite other women artists you respect as not only artists, but also as individuals. It will be crucial to have people in our salon that are positive minded and exude positive energy. It would be great to have international women artist visitors as well when they are in town.

I would like to ground our synergy in trust, openness, fairness, inclusiveness, respect, humor …with no paradigms or restrictive thinking…with nurturing energy and kindness.

It will be inevitable that not everyone will be able to meet every month, however I have no doubt that this network will provide valuable support outside the monthly salons as well, including salon members meeting up outside the more formal gatherings of our monthly salons to collaborate on projects, go gallery hopping, attend workshops, etc.

I look forward with great anticipation to the development of this group!!!
Thank you for joining me!”
In creative spirit and friendship,