Jenny D Green=Actor, Producing Artist & Presenter

Jenny is an actor and producing artist, working in NYC since she graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2008.

She has enjoyed hosting events ever since leading school assemblies as a tween (before tweens existed) and is more surprised than anyone that this has recently developed into being a Priestess (of the non-denominational www. kind). She is the founding host and co-producer of Salon Radio and still enjoys a regular turn behind the microphone. In London Jenny produced and presented short films for the BBC and here in New York she has MC’d for Art Boundaries Unlimited, Mind the Gap Theatre, cabarets at the Duplex and more fundraisers at Manhattan Theatre Source than she cares to remember, as well as for the Salon and her own production company, The OPTimistiks.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Jenny at to find out more, or if you need your nuptials officiating! Love and thanks to her favorite people and places.